How a Coconut can win a Girl's Heart
A friend of mine was trying to date a girl from Harley Hall, the all girl dorm here at Shippensburg University. They were in deep discussion and were talking about different things. Well, as it goes my friend found out how this girl has never seen a coconut. Well he takes it in his best interest for dating this girl, to send her a coconut in the mail, yes a coconut, not flowers, a coconut. Later in the day, he receives a call from her roommate. She asks him if this was intended for her or the girl that my friend liked. The situation is awkward because he has two girls that live in the same room that like him and it is the wrong one who received the coconut. He had to go over to the room and pickup the coconut from that girl and put it back into the original girl's mailbox. Well somehow he pulls this off and the girl that he like receives it. Then, she is so ecstatic that she offers to use the shell of the coconut for a bra for him to see in private!
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