Clean Up on Isle 1, We got a Floor Wetter
Well it is my senior year at Shippensburg and I have moved off campus. I moved in with 3 other guys and it has been fun this whole year. Well as this story goes, everyday after a certain roommate would take a shower, the floor would become drenched. It was ridiculous. So one day I, being the good guy that I am, confront all my roommates and tell them the situation and whoever is doing it to stop. I mean you kind of get mad at the fact that you have to take the bath mat out at least every 3 days and let it dry for another 2 days. So you think that it will stop, WRONG. Well one day, no one uses the shower and one of my roommates uses the shower and comes out and goes to his room to study. I walk in and it is like it rained in the bathroom. The whole floor is wet and all the walls. I walk out of the bathroom and say to my roommate, that just took a shower, "The floor is wet and no one else has used the shower." His reply was, "I made sure that the floor was not wet. THE SHOWER MUST BE LEAKING." Never heard that before.
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