Revenge Stinks
Well as the story goes....two students in my hall were formally dating during the year. I guess they got off on bad terms. So the girl, on her last day in the dorm, decides to take a bottle of fart spray up to his room. She sprays the fart spray all over the his bed. She sprayed so much that the whole hall smelled and even the stairway. He is mad at the person who did this and also because he has to sleep in the fart bed for 3 more days. I guess that is pretty shittie for him. So he finds out that his ex-girlfriend did this and is furious. So, he plans a joke of his own. He walks into the bathroom and does his business in a box. He takes the box out of the bathroom and decides to show everyone in his wing his specimen. Then, walks downstairs to the girl's room and dumps the feces on here floor. Ha ha, now your room smells! Then, the girl calls her RA. Well this is to much for him, so he calls the RD to come see the incident. Well this is too much for the RD. The RD thinks that things have gotten out of hand and calls in the cops. So, the joke ends up on him because he has to clean up his own feces and also has to deal with the cops.
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