Bam, "Hey Shawn, Can You Look at This"
It was January 8th of 2003 and the year was starting off bad due to work and other situations in the Hager House hold. As the Story goes, I was waking up to go into work early and I hear my brother get to the bathroom before I do, I was pissed because he always is in the bathroom when I am trying to to take a shower. Well he finally gets out of the bathroom and I go into the bathroom to take a shower. I jump in the shower and turn on the water and I hear a BAM. I think to myself my brother must have jumped into bed and with the wall with his body. 10 Seconds later I hear "Hey Shawn, Can You Look at This" I jump out of the shower because he asked and I wipe down and put on some clothes and open the door. He is holding the back of his head with his hand and I see a little blood coming between his fingers. He finally shows it to me and I say automatically, you need to go to the emergency room to get that stiched up. No No No, It will be fine. I say Ben you really need to get that taken care of. No No it will be cool. I say what the heck happened. He proceeds to tell me that he went to bed late last night around 2am and he was really tired. He heard my alarm and got up really quick to use the toilet before I jumped into the shower. He must have been light headed and when he walked back into his room he jumped onto his bed head first on his back. He has a wooden bed post shelves and the thud was his head hitting that directly. He then says get a mirror, I want to look at it. Of course us being guys, we don't have small mirrors to look at ourselves and the only thing that I had was a dresser mirror which is atleas 36" X 24", that is laying in my closet. So I rip that out and head into the bathroom where he is standing. I hold this hugh mirror up and say do ya see it. He says no I cannot see it, move to the left. I am like what, you move your head, this thing weights a ton. He moves his head and say, "Dammit, I dont want to go to the hospital." So at 6am in the morning I take my brother to the hosptial after he tells me to go to work. I told him that I didnt want him to pass out and crash his car. So after sitting in the ER for about 10mins he gets it check out and stitched up. Later when we got home I forgot I could have took a picture before the ER and shown him instead of holding up that hugh ass mirror. Duhhh. That is what happens when you are pressured, I guess.
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