What a Stripper can do to one's life
My roommates name is Eli. Eli's brother's name is Josh. Well, Eli throws a party for Josh and Josh brings up a bunch of his friends. One of these friends, is his girlfriend of 2 years. Well everyone is having a good time and Josh's girlfriend starts to get sick. Well she goes back in Eli's room and goes to sleep to get better. Well Eli, Josh, and friends go over to Eli's friends house. They all walk in and there is a stripper at this other house. Well everyone is having a good time and she is doing her thing. Well as it goes, Josh's girlfriend came over and saw him with the strippers bra on him and getting a lap dance also. She storms home and she waits for Josh to get back. Well lets just say that she was not in a very good mood. Nothing was said on the long ride home back to Josh's house about hr away.
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