Ha Ha Yeah, Sure We Lost the Television!
At 4:30 in the morning on a Saturday, two people walk or were let into Lackhove Hall by an unknown suspect. These two drunk characters go into the Rec. Room on the Hall and proceeded to lift a 52" television up a flight of stairs and out the front door of the Hall. No one was seen and no one was heard. The two drunken characters don't load it in a truck and take off, but rather drag the television. So then they are dragging this 52" television in front of Harley Hall. The stupid thing about this is that perpendicular to Harley is the Campus Police. So for some instance a RA of Harley Hall hears the scraping of the pavement in front of Harley. She then calls the Police. The two suspects made it to Earl Street, the street right off campus, where the police pull up to them and ask them why they have a 52" television rolling down the street at 4 in the morning. They reply that the televison was given to them as a gift from Lackhove Hall. The cops arrest them and take them to jail. These thiefs will be charged with only a misdeamenor because the television was less than $2000 dollars. During this attempted theif, the television was slightly hurt, repaired and returned to Lackhove Hall. It was returned to it's rightful place, Downstairs in the Rec. Room. No other news was released.
Thanks to the RA in Harley Hall
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