Decoration My Ass
It is not even my first day on the job as an RA and 15 football players move into the dorm. That is it, No one else. I go to my meeting with my RD and I am walking back to my room. There is loud music and someone killing a dog because that is how bad they sounded singing. I turn right around and get the other RA on my floor. His name is Damien Jack, Big Kid approximately 6'3" around 275 lbs, to assist me in my first RA confrontation with a resident. I walk in and we tell them to be quiet. While in the room, Damien spots multiple alcoholic products. Shippensburg University is a dry campus, No alcohol is allowed even on campus if you are over 21. And we bust the three kids in the room for alcohol and their excuse was that it was for decoration. Yeah Like a bottle of Jack Daniels is for Decoration. Come on!
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