A Night I Will Never Forget - Tims's 21st Bday
The Day is my roommates 21st B-Day. We are having a good time and invited some of his sisters' friends over to enjoy this wonderful occasion. As the story goes, Tim, my roommate who is turning 21, has about 15 shots in about 4 hrs. Then he hits about 21 around the time that his sister and all her friends show up. Everyone is having a good time and enjoying themselves. I walk out on the balcony to make sure everything is ok and here come about 8 more kids. I know the first one who comes up the stairs and I say whoa, I do not know these people, so they cannot come in. He is like "They are cool and if anything happens, then hold me responsible", so I trust this kid at the time and let the other kids in. Everything is going cool and Tim is up to about 33 shots. I walk into the living room and one of Erick's friends is at the CDs on top of the stereo. He looks up and says nothing and then walks into the kitchen. So me being curious why he was looking through the CDs and not changing the stereo or sticking a new disc in to play later, go over and look through the CDs. Well I looking through these CDs, looking for the newest CD that we have and it is not there. I look through the CDs again and still no disc. So I go to Eli, do you have your ...... cd in your room. He says no. I say go look. He comes back out and say Nope it is not in there. I look through the CD Player and nothing. What the F....? Where is it, Eli asks. I don't know. So I go out on to the porch and call everyone into the house and say, "NO ONE IS LEAVING HERE WITH OUT THAT ........CD BEING RETURNED!" One of the kids that came with Eric is being all smart saying, " Yeah I have it , but it is at home." Well by this time I am getting really pissed and don't need the sarcasm. Another kid comes up and gives me $20 and says sorry for the frustration and lets go back to what we are doing. I take the $20 and give it to Eli. And then I say, " Still NO ONE IS LEAVING UNTIL WE FIND THE CD." One kid is like give me your keys to his friend because I don't have it. Well this is the kid that was looking through the cds in the first place. I say, "NO ONE IS LEAVING WITHOUT POCKETS BEING EMPTIED AND BEING PATTIED DOWN." So one by one, each friend of Eric's comes up and empties their pockets and then walks out the open door. Well I get to the kid who I know it is. "Pockets", nothing. Reach my hands out to pat the kid down and he looks at me and says, "I just want to be honest!", he procedes to pull out the CD. I flip and then Tim really flips. Takes this kid and tackles him carrying him about 30 feet, out the door. This kid is hanging only on by his knees being wrapped around the railing of the porch and that is it. I was more worried about Tim getting a murder conviction then this kid getting tossed off the porch. I look over at the kid and he looks like he took a dump in his pants already and is about to take a second one. I pull the kid back. Eric comes running out screaming that they are all leaving. It goes down to the street. Tim and Eli are yelling at these kids. I am on the porch talking to these girls who are trying to calm me down and I run down the steps and go out to the street. There are some more people talking to Tim and Eli. This kid is on the other side of the girls and I go around all them and talk to this kid. I am blowing up at this kid and he is trying to tell me that he gave back the cds and now it is fine. I am like no, it isn't. Then his friends hold me back and tell this kid to get into the truck. They all get into the truck and Eric is trying to apoligize and so is his girl. I am lecturing all the kids on how they should never hang out with this kid. This kid starts to smile, so I clock him. As I am walking back to the house, I kick the truck. The kid gets out of the truck and says, What was that for? I look back at him. He says, fine we are leaving. As I am walking back to the house, Sarah, the girl who lives downstairs comes out and says"WHAT THE HELL! Who broke my window?" I am like I don't know and run upstairs following the blood trail all the way up the stairs. There is Tim sitting in the kitchen with his head bleeding perfusely. Well as the story goes, Tim tried to pull a parking meter out of the ground and that was not working, as Eli told him. So he put his head threw a window.Moral of the story:NEVER Steal from Us Never drink more than 30 shots in 5hrs Never wear a white hat Scars are for life, but they always have a story behind them, as Tim will never forget on his 21st. here is somemore story
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