Your My Boy, Blu
We meet a kid on vacation from Virginia. We meet him the second night down there when he was playing his guitar at his vacation spot next door. He came over a couple of nights and took some money off my friends and all. We called him Blu after the Movie 'OLD SCHOOL'. No one remembers his name to this day but I am sure that he told us it. Well back to the story. We wouldnt even call him just BLU, when we were talking to him we said, "Your My Boy Blu" and he would answer to it. One night after drinking and him losing some money in cards. We dared him to crush a can over his head. Blu said that he never backs down from a challenge. I guess Blu was trying to show off but this one caught him. My buddy Jeff hands him the can and he says hey you still have beer in this can that you need to drink. Jeff says no that it is empty. This should tell you that this can was heavier then any other can. It was a Japanese Beer that is made in a Stainless Steel Can. He takes the can and "Whack" trys to crush the can over his hand. Right then you start to see the blood rush down his head. We were laughing so hard because he was so stupid and then we were so serious that he need to clean that shit it up. Of course his head was bleeding and was not stopping. We kept laughing and trying to be serious at the same time. It was the one of the funniest things I had ever see but it was so serious because it was a hugh cut right at his hairline of his forehead. "YOUR MY BOY BLU."
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