Blond Band-Aids
So the other night, just before turning into bed, my wife turns to me and says I need a band-aid for a cut she had on her finger. I look at the cut and give my manly opinion that she does need a band-aid. I go in the medicine cabinet and I am looking for band-aids. I am looking around and I did have bunch of band-aids that are supposedly used up and I cannot find the new ones. She says they are in there I just bought them. I find a box with some clear band-aids and I go why did you get these. She says I got them because they have antibacterial in the band-aid. See that is why they are dark brown. I turn the box to show her that they were ethnic band-aids. They came out with the following shades: Light, Medium, and Deep! So know we are in style. I like them. Some days I thnk my wife is blond. These are the things that keep me laugh through life.
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