Connections, or Just Plain Stupid
I don't know how some of these people in the front office of Shippensburg University get their jobs. -Example- I worked on the Dean of Students Site for Shippensburg University and I had to work close to an employee that worked in the front office. This person was the coordinator of the networking on campus and of the dean of students site. Now if you are the web person of the dean of students site, you have to know about .html or .pdf files or you should not have that job title. Well as the story goes, I had to fix many problems caused by this certain person. One of them is that this person took the whole dean of students site down and then came whinning to me about how they don't have a backup of the site. Thank the person above, that I had it. How do they get these jobs, Brains or Connections!
Update: After I graduate from college, I get a call from this lady and she asks me to fix something on the website for her. This was no easy task. I reply to her, if you want me to fix this for you, I charge $50 an hour for any work that I do. A minimum of $50. Lets just say that she never called me back again.
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